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Highrise Integrate email marketing with this simple CRM from 37Signals

Integrate Highrise contacts with your Mad Mimi account

Highrise helps you remember who you need to reach out to, but what happens when you're ready to reach out via a beautiful HTML newsletter?

This integration streamlines the connection between your contacts and the email newsletter you need to send them. Add your Highrise contacts into a list into your Mad Mimi audience and send them those lovely email newsletters in just a couple of clicks.

Get Started In Minutes

  1. Get a Highrise account.
  2. Click 'Add Things' at the top of your Mad Mimi screen.
  3. Activate the Highrise add-on and click 'Go set it up.'
  4. Enter your Highrise subdomain.
  5. Enter your Mad Mimi API key.
  6. Click 'Save changes.'

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