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“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable


Wix Connect Mad Mimi right to your Wix-powered website.

If your website is powered by Wix, use this integration to add stunning signup forms to your site, anywhere. No coding required, and automatically have your subscribers added to your Mad Mimi audience.

Fully customize the header text of your form, as well as the alignment, colors and button settings. Select a form you’ve made in Mad Mimi, or use a new Wix web form. Even adjust your advanced form settings for Mad Mimi, right from the Wix interface.

It’s never been easier to publish a web form on your site, so start collecting those contacts!

Get Started in Minutes

  1. From your Wix site editor, open the App Marketplace. Search for Mad Mimi to find the “Email Newsletter” app. Or add the app directly
  2. Once the App is installed, place the signup form anywhere on your site that you want.
  3. Click the “App settings” button to connect your Mad Mimi account, and customize your form.

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