Mad Mimi

Send to a list using the Mailer API

POST to with the following parameters


Required. The name of the promotion Mimi will send. For raw_html or raw_plain_text promotions, Mimi will automatically create or update the promotion in your account.


The subject of the email. Will default to the promotion_name if not supplied.


The from address. Just the email address or in Display Name <> format.


The custom HTML to send. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with raw_plain_text.


The custom plain text to send. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with raw_html.

list_name or list_names (alias)

Required. The name(s) of the list(s) to send to. CSV encoded to if your list names include commas you must escape with quotes. In most cases you can treat this as a simple comma separated list of list names.


Enable or disable link tracking in HTML promotions (default: on).


Enable or disable view tracking in non-custom HTML promotions (default: on).


Ensure that audience member who has already received this promotion does not receive it again (default: off).


Creates the promotion as a hidden promotion so as not to clutter up your web interface (default: off)


Required if you have placeholders. "YAML" encoded replacements for any {placeholders} in your promotion.


A CSV encoded list of additional personalization data for each audience member. The email column is required and any additional columns become available for personalization for this mailing only. In addition, only audience_members in the merge_data will receive the email even if there are others on the list.


Because you are sending to a list you will need to include the [[unsubscribe]] (or [[opt_out]] alias) macro with raw_html and raw_plain_text. If you are using raw_html you will also need to include the [[tracking_beacon]] (or [[peek_image]] alias) macro.

Boolean parameters

For the boolean parameters like track_links you can use true, on, or yes for the affirmative, and false, off or no otherwise.


The API will respond with a unique mailing id if successful.