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“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable


Interact Create beautiful, lead-generating quizzes

Gain Audience Members Through Online Quizzes

Increase your leads and conversions using the awesome quiz templates at Interact. Simply choose from one of the pre-built quizzes, connect the quiz up to your Mad Mimi account, and begin collecting leads and engaging with visitors, today! The simplified quiz-making process means you don't have to do any coding, or even any writing, to get set up.

Quizzes are an amazing way to increase your on-site time, as well as collect valuable email addresses that will go directly into your Mad Mimi account so you can follow up later.

Get Started In Minutes

  1. Grab a free account at Interact.
  2. Choose which quiz you'd like to use on your site.
  3. Connect your Mad Mimi account.
  4. Publish the quiz on your site.

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