Simple Lovely Email

“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable

List Management Plant a Mad Mimi webform on your site, and watch your audience grow!

List Management
  • A Nurturing Nature

    One list or twenty, Mad Mimi makes it simple to manage with automated suppression of bounces and unsubscribes, unlimited lists, segmentation and much more. Mad Mimi’s list management features all live happily on one page so you never have to run around to find what you’re looking for.

  • Blossom Daily

    You can add audience members individually, via CSV files, or just by pasting them from your spreadsheet for a speedy start. Mad Mimi recognizes addresses and removes duplicates, bounced emails or unsubscribes automatically so you don’t have to give it a thought. It’s perfectly painless to add or move contacts between your lists or to start a new list.

  • Dream Big, Grow Big

    Mad Mimi’s Web Form is customizable and oh so easy to install on your website. You can sign up subscribers and add them to multiple lists immediately. Get the data you want and segment your audience for maximum targeting. Customize your welcome messages to say it your way! Schedule your emails, while linking up to your lists, to choose just who to send to at any time without even having to be there.

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